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Original Beeswax Formula

Our natural lip balms come in many wonderful flavors with names based on local areas. Best of all the beeswax formula is natural and does not contain petroleum ingredients. Our formula leaves lips smooth and adds a level of protection against the damage of sun and wind.


Mashpee Mint

Hyannisport Cherry

Vineyard Vanilla


Mulitple Flavors

Vineyard Vanilla
Hyannisport Cherry
Mashpee Mint
Sandwich Wild Berry
Brewster Blue Raspberry
New--Provincetown Peppermint


Ocean living can be harsh on the lips. Hot, humid summers to bitter winters. HipWiggies lip balm is the perfect solution.

HipWiggies lip balm: a vacation for your lips



What is a HipWiggie?
Answer: common folk
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